Saarstahl AG, Völklingen

For many years now, the name Saarstahl has been a guarantee of high quality, customized solutions in steel. The Saarstahl group with its headquarters in Völklingen is specialized in the manufacture of wire rod, bar, semi-finished products and forged products in qualities to meet the highest demands. With innovative products and intelligent technologies, Saarstahl is making a contribution to finding the answers to global challenges such as mobility, energy efficiency and safety. Saarstahl products are in demand from the automotive and construction industries, energy engineering, the aviation and aerospace industry, from mechanical engineering and other steel processing industries and they are used in applications where, in some cases, they are subjected to the most extreme conditions. In 2015, the group turnover amounted to 2.159 billion euro.

AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Dillingen

Dillinger AG –  A Passion for Steel.

Welcome to Dillinger, Europe’s leading producer of heavy plate. Here, our hearts have beaten for more than 300 years for one very special material – steel. Its production demands both strength and skill, but those who understand and master it are rewarded with outstanding properties. Steel is thousands of years old, but is still full of undiscovered new potentials. It is precisely this which motivates us to redefine again and again the standards in our industry.

At Dillingen, all processes, technologies and capabilities are concentrated at a single location. Iron smelters, steelmakers, metallurgists and steel rollers work together here hand-in-hand, producing solutions that convince in cooperation with our demanding customers.

DeVeTec GmbH, Sankt Ingbert

The conversion of unexploited waste heat into highly efficient energy – that was the fundamental idea of Michael Schmidt when he founded DeVeTec GmbH in 2000.

“Because every unused kilowatt-hour is both the most economical and the most ecological way to use energy” – M. Schmidt.

The unique and patented energy efficiency technology of the ORC piston expander then developed from many years of basic research. This first found mobile application in vehicles, before it was employed as the centrepiece of stationary ORC waste heat power plants in energy-intensive industries.

Because they generate electricity, and then use the energy still present after this at various temperature levels, the waste heat power plants from DeVeTec regain the maximum in energy from industrial processes. They therefore make an important contribution to increasing energy efficiency. In addition, they are a prime example of CO2-neutral and emission-free electricity generation, because a waste heat power plant from DeVeTec can save up to 3,000 t/CO2 per year at a rated output of 200 kWel.

In order to fulfil the customer’s requirements even better, the technology has continuously been further developed, and it is today capable of using the waste heat not only for the generation of electricity and useful heat, but also of using the waste heat as the propulsion for various work machines (Heat 2 X). For example, using the ORC piston expander, it is possible to generate compressed air or cooling power.


Innovation is our driver.

NEUE HALBERG-GUSS GmbH is the European market and technology leader in the development and production of crankcases – and cylinder heads for heavy goods vehicles – in cast iron as well as of crank shafts. Their product portfolio ranges from filigree three-cylinder engine blocks for passenger cars to large-volume V8 engines for commercial vehicles. Add to this ductile iron bearing tunnels as as well as aluminium bed plates.

NEUE HALBERG-GUSS GmbH owes its outstanding position among European automotive suppliers today to its close cooperation with customers in the development of economical, low-cost, high-performance drive units and other cast components.